Day Treatment

What is Day Treatment?

Day Treatment Counseling SessionDay treatment is a type of outpatient treatment service offered to individuals with psychological and substance abuse problems. This type of treatment would require the patient to visit the treatment center during the day. The treatment may be for five to seven days a week instead of living in the facility as is the case with residential treatment. The partial hospitalization tactic revolves around the idea that the patient may need to continue performing his or her duties at work and interact with supportive individuals such as the members of his or her family during the treatment process.

The outpatient drug rehab setup varies from interactive group to individual therapy and behavior reprogramming to psychosocial rehabilitation. Several activities are done throughout the duration of the therapy which helps the individual cope with the residual effects of discontinuing the use of the addictive substance.

How Day Treatment Works

Day treatment accommodates individuals who have varying work and study schedules or have specific treatment needs. Treatment happens during the day, which means it can be in the morning or afternoon. The individual will be asked to choose the most convenient schedule for him or her to take their treatment sessions. After he has chosen the most convenient schedule, he must sign a form which will require him to abide by the regulations of the treatment and the facility.

The doctor will familiarize the patient with the content of the day treatment program and activities involved to cope with his drug addiction. Psychological tests will also be administered to the patient from time to time to determine the level of progress the patient has achieved throug the duration of the process. Regular meetings may also be held to entertain any questions that may arise as the rehabilitation process continues.

Who Would Benefit From Day Treatment

Individuals who have voluntarily submitted themselves for rehabilitation, especially those with medium-level drug addiction, can benefit from day treatment. The flexibility of schedules helps those who have voluntarily faced the fact that they need treatment, but cannot leave work for an extended period of time.

Day treatment is also appropriate treatment for most cases of substance abuse because doctors and researchers believe that rehabilitation is more effective if the individual is surrounded by supportive family and friends, who could help him regain his former life.

How Can I Find Day Treatment for Drug Addiction in My Area?

The Internet is a great resource when looking for day treatment or outpatient drug rehabs. You may also check your local phone directories for the nearest facilities near you. You can also call your doctor and ask to be provided with recommendations on the best facilities offering day treatment in your area. Doctors tend to be a better choice as they are the best resource for medical information.

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