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Drug RehabWe see it too often in the news; celebrities, athletes and other famous people at some point in their life getting hooked on drugs whether it’s marijuana, cocaine, heroin or party drugs like ecstasy. Famous or not, it’s not easy to deal with drug addiction. That is why a lot of people with addiction problems turn to drug rehab facilities for help.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is a medical treatment or process for combating dependence or addiction to drugs whether prescription drugs or illegal drugs. However, the term nowadays has also been deemed to include treatments of addiction to alcohol, smoking and other addictive substances. The primary goal is to help the patient in stopping the abuse of these substances, and to lessen or avoid its psychological, physical, emotional, economic and social impact on the patient.

Typical Drug Rehab Treatment Arc

The first step of drug rehab is to determine the type of treatment. The patient may be admitted in residential drug rehabs wherein the patient is required to stay in one facility until he has been fully rehabilitated. There can also be an outpatient drug rehab where treatment can be done at home without the need of the patient being confined in the drug rehab facility.

The next thing is the detoxification process. To put it simply, it is the step wherein the toxic substances which have been accumulated in the patient’s body due to continuous drug use is removed. Drug rehab facilities usually have special treatment programs that they follow specifically for drug detox purposes. A heroin drug rehab for example, would entail the use of various treatment programs to detoxify the patient’s body of the toxins brought about by heroin abuse.

Once all the necessary detoxification and other treatments have finished, the drug rehabilitation program is complete. However, the drug rehab usually does not end there since there are instances when the patient returns to drug addiction if steps are not taken to make sure that he stops substance abuse once and for all. That is why there are so-called sober living programs which are usually post-treatment programs to help patients in recovering from addiction and getting on the right track to live a healthy and sober life.

General Types of Drug Rehabs

Drug rehab may be of two types, an outpatient drug rehab or a residential drug rehab.

Residential drug rehab or inpatient rehab is a type of rehabilitation where the patient is made to stay in a drug rehab facility for the entire duration of the treatment. This is ideal for those whose condition is worse enough that they would be unable to have successful treatment in their home. Round-the-clock service and monitoring makes this type of rehab very effective.

An outpatient drug rehab is a good choice for those who suffer from mild or minor drug addiction. It is less restrictive form of drug rehab where the patients are given the opportunity for treatment while going about their daily life. This is also a good follow up program to those who have already completed inpatient treatment.

Find a Suitable Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is usually offered by professionals who specialize in this particular field. It is best that you can choose a drug rehab facility that you think would give you the treatment which is most suited to your condition. Click here to find a Florida drug rehab that’s right for you or your loved one.

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