LGBT Drug Rehab

LGBT community or simply put the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community members often suffer from deep emotional issues as they feel alone, different and isolated. This psychological and emotional turmoil can often push them to the dark and dangerous path of addiction to drugs.  The most effective drug rehabs are those where the patient feels most able to confront their addiction in a safe, open environment.  As such, LGBT drug rehab is a specialized drug rehab program that is specifically designed to allow members of the LGBT community to feel accepted for who they are, so that recovering from addiction is their only concern during rehab.

LGBT Drug Rehab


Studies show that that the rate of drug addiction is extremely high in the members of LGBT community and this can be put down to certain contributing factors that include:

  • Need to escape from the pressures of homophobia and social stigma
  • Get rid of the guilt and shame one feels due to LGBT identity
  • Efforts to numb or enhance sexual feelings

What is LGBT Drug Rehab

It is true that for any drug addiction proper rehab is a necessity in order to get rid of the habit, but for someone belonging to the LGBT community taking medical help may be a problem as they might feel judged or discriminated by people who are supposed to help them.

This is where drug rehabs that are specifically designed for LGBT community prove to be a blessing. The basic components of LGBT drug rehab are quite similar to other rehabs however they focus in issues that are specifically faced by the population of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. These programs are designed on research based therapy and focus on issues like:

  • Dealing with homophobia
  • Building relationships with friends and family
  • Building an individual identity as a gay, lesbian etc
  • Dealing with anxiety or depression

Why LGBT Drug Rehab is Important

A  specialized drug rehab program that caters specifically to the LGBT community has high success rates at achieving sobriety and has less risk of relapse because the participant of these programs have similar orientations and both the other participants as well as the staff understands the stresses that accompany being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.

How to Find a LGBT Drug Rehab Program

If you want to find a LGBT rehab in your area then all us today at (866) 531­-4569. We can help you find a program that will work well for your particular circumstances.

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