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How to Register

If you are interested in adding your Florida drug or alcohol rehab center to our website, please register first.  To maintain the integrity of the information we present so that the information is useful to our visitors, we require that treatment facilities register before placing their facility on Florida Drug Rehabs. We’ve made the registration process as simple as possible for you, while keeping the information you give to us about yourself safe and secure. Once you’ve filled out the registration form, the Florida Drug Rehabs Staff will send you an e-mail with a link that you will have to click on to become a validated member. So, don’t forget to check your e-mail and click on the link enclosed in it before you try to login.

Add a Free Listing

As a member you will be able to add your drug rehab to Florida Drug Rehabs for free.  To take advantage of this membership benefit, follow these instructions:

  1. Register as a member of Florida Drug Rehabs
  2. Login
  3. In the top menu under “For Drug Rehabs,” click “Add Your Drug Rehab.”
  4. Select the plan that you would like to have for your listing
  5. Fill-in the fields on the “Add Your Drug Rehab” form and click Submit.

Once you have submitted the “Add Your Drug Rehab” form, our web admin will hand approve (or in some cases decline) your listing at Florida Drug Rehabs.  Approval generally takes 24-48 hours, so please know that during that time when your listing is “pending”, you will not be able to see your drug rehab on our site.

Enhancements to Your Drug Rehab Listing

Members are able to add enhancements to their free listing for a nominal fee.  These enhancements include the ability to add pictures of your facility to your listing, your facility’s logo, and even a link to your facility’s website.  To add these enhancements, you must first add a free listing.  After you have registered and added your listing, you then log in to your account,  browse to your listing, and you will be able to add these enhanced features to your account.

Editing Your Listing

To edit your listing, simply login by clicking the link at the top of the site.  Once you have logged in, navigate to your listing by selecting the treatment type and city in which your facility is located.  Once you have browsed to your listing, you will be able to edit all of your facility’s details, as well as add enhanced features if you choose.

Claiming Your Listing

Sometimes due to turnover in organizations, users may see a listing for their facility that they do not have access to.  In this case, please contact us from an email account associated with your organization, and include a link to the listing you wish to claim.  From that point we will verify that you are in fact the owner of the listing, and after doing so we will transfer the account to your control.  We take this very seriously to ensure that only authorized representatives of a facility have access to an account.  Please allow 48 – 72 hours for our staff to verify your information.

If Your Drug Rehab is Outside of Florida

If your drug rehab is outside of Florida, we do not allow you to add a free listing to our directory.  This is to ensure that users are able to find the most relevant information when seeking drug treatment in Florida.  We do, however, allow facilities outside of Florida to advertise on Florida Drug Rehabs.  You can find more information on advertising opportunities by clicking here.

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